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1 Year Advance English Programme

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1 Year Advance English Programme

1 Year Advance English Programme

This one-year English language and communication skill programme builds your personality and confidence. To enhance your leadership qualities this can be proven as the best opportunity. Join as a beginner and end as a champion speaker. This course helps to strengthen your grammar, pronunciation and English communication skills. Apart from this you will find yourself as a great public speaker at the end of the course. Best of luck

Course Structure

1. Conversational English

2. Speech 

3. Group Discussion 

4. Basic Grammar 

5. Basic Pronunciation 

6. Role Play 

7. Power Point Presentation 

8. Personality Development Programme 

9. Interview Training 

10. Interpersonal Training 

11. Phonetics  

12. Visionary ability enhancing

13. Public Speaking

14. Leadership Skill

15. Listing and Comprehension

16. Extempore

17. Johari Window

18. SWOT Analysis

19. Creative Thinking

20. Critical Analysis

21. Decision Making

22. Body Language

23. Personal Effectiveness

24. Motivational Workshop

25. Strength Calculation

26. Interview Training

27. Personal CV Writing

28. Corporate Etiquette

29. FAQ's in interview

30. Proposal Writing