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Kid Section

Kid Section
We Focuses on developing the four English language skills: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. We build the cornerstones of language, Grammar and Vocabulary, from a young age. This course for kids includes methodology such as teaching pronunciation and materials preparation. The Stages learning to correlate with brain growth in children to allow for the optimum time to present materials and establish cognitive links in the brain.We are best in this field because:
  • Fun – Students enjoy their English Language Programs at Smart Education.
  • We Get Results – Our students are systematically prepared to cover every aspect of the English language.
  • Caring Teachers – Our dedicated teachers are carefully selected not only for their English Language teaching qualifications and experience, but also for their warm and caring approach
  • Atmosphere – Our clean and safe classes have been specifically designed with kids in mind. ‘English-only’ is required throughout our facility.
  • Library – Our library is well stocked with a vast assortment of quality imported books, suitable for varying reading levels, all in support of our English courses.
  • Reading Program – All English Language students are required to read at their respective reading levels building a regular reading hobby, as well as skills to become more effective readers (and ultimately writers).
  • Your child will need to take a placement test. This is to gauge your child’s level of English and place him/her at a level where he/she will learn best. To arrange an appointment or to take admission please contact our centres.

    Course Duration : Up to Service

    Timing : 2 Days In A Week

    Course Structure

    1. Conversational English2. Speech & Debate3. Group Discussion4. Basic Grammer5. Personality Development6. Interview training7. GK & GI8. Quiz Programme9. Public Facing10. Teaching11. Games in English12. Movement13. Phonetic Development14. IPA15. Soft Skill16. Outing17. Computer Literacy18. Internet Application19. Voice Technology20. Tele Communication